“In my opinion, this is one of the best Demand Forecasting & Stock Management systems I’ve come across in my thirteen years in procurement. The intellect that has gone into it whilst retaining its simplicity is what makes this solution the right package for our business. Help is only a phone call away should we need support, and the personal service we receive is what makes us feel valued as a customer.”

Certex offers a full solution for lifting products and services and is a leading supplier of steel wire ropes, lifting products, and services for the oil, gas, industrial and renewable markets. This ranges covers construction cranes, ports, manufacturing, wind turbines, on & offshore oil and gas operators, elevators and the steel industry. Certex has a presence across Europe, with activity in 13 countries, each with a local network of service centres and a wealth of experience and expertise.

Daniel Lakin

Rowse Honey

“At the time of purchasing IMA, forecasting was being managed manually via Excel. One of the most attractive features of IMA was that it could accept inputs from different systems and then combine that information to give a view of sales history, base forecast, promotional uplift, etc. IMA has provided both accurate weekly finished goods plans from the calculated forecasts and an estimated usage of components via our Bill of Materials. We have worked with IMA to produce a set of reports that meet our needs, and it is very straightforward to export data from the system into Excel. We have found that IMA’s support has been excellent. We always get a rapid response when we raise a query, and the solution presented is well thought through.”

Rowse Honey was founded in 1938 by Tony Rowse who started off keeping bees at home in Oxfordshire. The company, which has always sourced honey from England and beyond, now produces over 25 honeys in its range and is ranked as the UK’s favourite brand.