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What is IMA Stock Smart?
IMA Stock Smart combines demand forecasting with inventory management to offer one fully integrated, totally supply chain focused product
Sales Department

Helps the sales department manage the pipeline and plan for the volumes they need to sell.

Inventory Planners

Helps inventory planners to maintain stock at optimum levels.

Production Planners

Helps production planners ensure correct inventory is available for production right now and stock levels are aligned with future demand

Finance Department

Helps finance department maximise cashflow by optimising inventory.

Why IMA Stock Smart?
  • Integrates forecasting into inventory management.
  • Enables overriding of forecasts with market knowledge.
  • Continually monitors & reports on effects of business trend.
  • Recommends actions to meet service level & inventory needs.
  • Uses accuracy & exception reports to make rapid adjustments to forecasting, minimise surplus inventory & eradicate stock outs.
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How IMA Stock Smart Works
In a Nutshell

IMA Stock Smart uploads various data from your host system. This data is processed to provide a sales/production forecast, sensible reorder points/safety stocks and ideal suggested production/purchase orders.

Item classification, exception reporting and dashboards allow you to focus on the most critical inventory items.

Technical Requirements


Windows 7 or later
.NET 4 Framework


Windows Server 2003 or later

Using SQL Server

SQL Server provides a robust, industry standard, database engine.

The system is supplied with a ready-built database containing your initial data, so it requires minimal configuration on implementation

What our clients have to say


“In my opinion, this is one of the best Demand Forecasting & Stock Management systems I’ve come across in my thirteen years in procurement."

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Rowse Honey

“IMA has provided both accurate weekly finished goods plans from the calculated forecasts and an estimated usage of components via our Bill of Materials.”

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